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Written by: Mr. Arakawa

Edited by: Mr. Arakawa


Greetings & Aloha Momilani ´Ohana,

The end of the school year is always a memorable time. We get to celebrate our successes, reflect on the challenges that we faced throughout the year, and begin to set goals for the next school year.


The summer break is a great time when we can “recharge” our systems, both physically and mentally, so that we can dig deeper in our thinking and continue to travel along the wonderful journey of learning.

Pleas print the following small reminder list and post on your bulletin board, refrigerator, or other visible place at home so that you will always know what you can work on over the summer break.


We wish you all a restful break and look forward to the many exciting education adventures in the new school year to come.


This mini “brochure” is a small reminder list for you to post on your bulletin board, refrigerator, or other visible place at home so that you will always know what you can work on over the summer break.

Brochure Link


With Aloha,

Momilani Faculty and Staff


Written by: KanaS and KendelleH

Edited by: ShaheeraK


It is always a special time when we have watched our students grow from the first day of K to the lastday of 6th grade. This year, we have a few students that have written a reflection of the times at Momilani through the eyes of a student. Click below to read the full writeups by our graduating 6th graders.



Have you ever thought of having to leave your best friends after years of getting to know each other?  This year I am graduating 6th grade and I am going to miss a lot of my friends that are going to different schools.  I have made so many great friends and have had many great teachers at Momilani that I will remember forever.  There are so many remarkable memories that I have made throughout my years at Momilani....READ MORE



Wow, time has flown by!  This year I am graduating from 6th grade and I am going to miss all my friends. We are heading off to different schools and I am going to miss all my friends.  During my years at Momilani I had superior teachers and friends that I will always remember...READ MORE


Written by: ShenaceP

Edited by: RylieT


What do you do when the temperature starts to rise? When all you can think about is the setup sprinklers and slides of course!


Momilani students were able to beat the heat on Wednesday, May19th at the annual Water Play Day at Momilani. Students from Kindergarten through 6th Grade were able to cool off during the event at the upper field, and many of the staff members could also be seen splashing around and having fun with the keiki. After working so hard in our classes all year long, this annual event was a big treat for the students.  One student could be heard shouting after coming down one of the slides that, “Water Play Day is AWESOME!” which was a definite sign that this year’s event was another success...




Written by: Mr. Uchino

Edited by: Mrs. Uyesato


A long time ago in a land far away, there was a small farming village that flourished from the fresh water provided by the three Water Cycle Kingdoms high up in the Mizu Mountains. For generations, the townspeople of the village relied on the consistent flow of water from the nearby stream and the steady rainfall which watered their land. Over time, trouble began to brew up in the three Water Cycle Kingdoms, which would soon endanger the fate of the little village and all its citizens. The unlikeliest of heroes takes a brave, but heartfelt stand before the rulers of the Kingdoms, which ultimately helps them to remember that sometimes it’s the small things that matter in life, and that the little unseen and unnoticed things can really make all the difference in the world...



Written by: TaylorO

Edited by: CandaceK


“Hooray!”  “You did it!” Congratulations Lynk, Avery, and Alexa! These young third grade students were the 3 winners for the International Peace Poem Award for the Martin Luther King Peace Poem Project.   The two first place winners, Avery and Lynk come from different homerooms.  Avery is from room 207 and Lynk is from room 208.  Second place winner, Alexa is from Room 207.  To celebrate the first grade winners, a ceremony was held at the Mission Memorial Auditorium on April 2. They received a certificate and read their poem in front of an audience. The 3rd grade teachers, Mr. Uchino and Mrs. Uyesato attended the ceremony as well.  This memorial was open for both public and private schools.  The judges picked a winner from each school and from each homeroom....



Written by: MaraG

Edited by: MarlieA


On Friday, May 13, Momilani’s Family Fun Night kicked off at Pearl City High School’s cafeteria. To start off the night, everybody gathered around the stage and watched amazing performances by the Momilani hula girls, instructed by Kupuna Pang, and the Asian Lion Dance Team. They also awarded the winners of Momilani’s Celebrating the Arts competition in categories like Literature and Visual Arts for all the different grade divisions. Food and beverages were distributed throughout the night from places like Aloha Plates and Nalo’ Made Lemonade...




Written by: KaiyaT

Edited by: CandaceK


The JPO students are training hard for the annual JPO competition. They practice on Thursdays at the upper field after lunch.  Officers Martinez and Paringit give commands to them to get them ready for the contest. The event takes place on Friday, April 15, 2016.  Mrs. Oshiro, the instructor, has been working hard to make sure her students strive. We greatly thank Mrs. Oshiro for all that she has done for us.


The Momilani Junior Police Officers attended the JPO Competition at CORP (Central Oahu Regional Park). They ended up scoring 99 points out of 100! Kacie, was given the JPO of the Year honors for Momilani. Shane and Reina, the top two JPOs, took part in the Knock-Out Drill....



Written by: GregM

Edited by: CynthiaN


Hui O Momilani PTSO’s annual “Celebrate the Arts” art contest is a fun way for students to showcase their abilities in visual arts, literature, and photography. This year’s theme was “Looking Ahead”. First place winners received a certificate and a special Momilani Elementary Celebrate the Arts coin. The homeroom with the best combination of participation and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners received a perpetual trophy to display for the year and a frozen yogurt party courtesy of “Cherry on Top”. The teacher of the winning homeroom also received the special Momilani Elementary Celebrate the Arts coin. Congratulations to all of our winners and to Mr. Uchino’s third grade class for winning this year’s Celebrate the Arts homeroom competition...




Open House

  • Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
  • 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm (GrK-2)
  • 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm (Gr3-6)

Office Summer Hours

  • 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Monday - Friday

Medication Reminders

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Power of Attourney Notice

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Written by: FaithO

Edited by: CandaceK


Last year after the school wide Hour of Code Night, one of our parents Nick Kamin donated a class set of programmable robots known as Dash and Dotto the school. They are created by Wonder Workshop ( and come with a wide range of free apps for programming. We were very excited when they arrived, and began to play around with them immediately.


To play with these robots, we used apps called Go, Wonder, and Xylo. Using Xylo, you can program a song and the robot can play it on a xylophone. Some of the groups were trying to do two things at once with their robots. For example, one group played the xylophone while moving forward or going in a circle. We were also able to play some songs and notes using one of the apps and one of the groups were able to play the pop song “Lean and Dabb.” Even one of the staff members, Daniel Neiva was able to come out and program a song...



Healthy Eating:

A study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing found that kids who eat protein (ie. eggs) for breakfast feel fuller longer and consume fewer calories at lunch than kids who eat cereal or oatmeal.


Physical Exercise:

You’ll see the benefits of working out in the morning with just 15-20 minutes of exercise each day. 

Benefits include:

  • Increased focus when you arrive at school,

  • Improved mood,

  • Increased productivity,

  • Improved diet, and

  • Increased metabolism.

Wellness Guidelines

Take a look at these wellness snack guidelines, then submit your snack idea here!

  • Calories ≤ 200
  • Total Fat ≤ 8 grams
  • Saturated Fat ≤ 2 grams
  • Trans Fat ZERO
  • Sodium ≤ 200 mg
  • Sugar ≤ 8 grams



Magazine Drive

Family Fun Night

  • The committee would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped to make the event a huge success! It really speaks to the quality of our community when everyone pulls together to make an event like this happen! Mahalo


See you at Open House on July 27th, 2016!




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