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Launched in school year 2012-13, Strive HI is Hawaii's locally designed performance system for public schools and public charter schools. Strive HI measures school performance and progress, and tailors supports and interventions for improvement. Its more expansive definition of school performance (along with meeting mathematics and English language arts/literacy standards) includes achievement, readiness, growth, and achievement gap.

Momilani Elementary School earned the highest total Strive HI points, 361 out of 400, amongst all other public schools and public charter school.

Congratulations to all our students, faculty, parents, and community members. Your dedication to developing the love of learning and strengthening our community of learning had a direct impact to this achievement. Mahalo!


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We’re so proud whenever we see our Momilani family in the news! Mr. Shane Asselstine, joined with 6th graders, Christie Chang and Krista Nakamoto, were featured on KITV and KHON speaking about the Game Based Learning (GBL) workshops they will be providing at the Toy & Game Expo (part of the Oh Baby! Family Expo). These workshops were available to kids ages 5 and up, parents, teachers, and the like. Christie and Krista did a really great job explaining how GBL provides an exciting way to learn while thinking critically and problem solving. And according to Mr. Asselstine, “We explore a wide range of projects, from designing a zoo to creating 3D virtual world digital stories. Students are put in situations where they are expected to collaborate to accomplish the goals. They will learn about real world problems by participating in these virtual environments.”

Kudos to Mr. Asselstine for providing the public with the opportunity to learn about education and technology. If you know Mr. Asselstine, he’s passionate about teaching others about how to use technology and loves to see when people get excited about it. Thank you for challenging our kids to test “tech” to its limits!


Links to KITV4 and KHON2


This year, the magazine drive had almost $28,000 in sales resulting in over $11,000 for Hui O Momilani! This in turn will be used for school programs such as the Drama Program, Costume Ball, Craft Night, Celebrate Reading Night and Family Fun Night.  Second graders will be thrown a Jamba Juice party for selling the most magazines of all the grades. Thank you everyone who participated by either selling, supporting, or volunteering--- all these wonderful extra-curricular programs are a result of your hard work and are what make Momilani such a great school.

A great big ‘Mahalo’ goes to Reed Matsuo for graciously heading up the Magazine Drive for the past three years, and co-chairing for three previous years. We are so grateful for all the time he spent these last six years spearheading this endeavor. Reed is currently looking for volunteers to head up this position. If you are interested, please email:



The National Family Partnership organized the first Nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. NFP provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual National Red Ribbon Celebration. Since its beginning in 1985, the Red Ribbon has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, angered parents and youth in communities across the country began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction cause by drugs in America.


Show your support Momilani for our Red Ribbon Week!



Tues.: TEAM UP


Thurs.: I SAY NO!



Flyer Link Here



Founded in 2006, National Bullying Prevention Month is a US campaign in October founded by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. According to their site:


“PACER developed the initial campaign National Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week in response to the need to raise awareness of bullying, as it was historically viewed "a childhood rite of passage" and believed that bullying "made kids tougher", when the reality is that bullying has devastating effects such as school avoidance, loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression. PACER reached out to the community through partnerships with education based organizations such as National PTA, American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association to provide schools, parents and students with resources to respond to bullying behavior and to begin the shift of societal acceptance of bullying to social change of addressing the issue through education and support.” has recently donated 60 books to our second grade students. They created a lesson plan with pedestrian safety information to help teach students how to walk safely. Check back here for more information and to see some of the student art work after the lesson!


Children see, hear and process information differently than adults. Younger children, for example, do not have the developmental skills to adequately assess traffic and speeds. This puts children at greater risk for road traffic related injuries, particularly while they are walking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that children always walk and cross streets with an adult prior to age 10. After age 10 and during the teen years, children begin to develop the cognitive ability to assess speed and distance...



Ever wonder how all the favors, decorations, guests lists get done for our Momilani tradition of thanking our Grandparents (and other important people in our kids’ lives)? Its because of these wonderful volunteers! So many people play a part in putting on these special productions and some of them work diligently ‘behind-the scenes’ like Ms. Rona, Mr. Nishihara, and Mrs. Higa.

Its special traditions like these that set apart our school as one that cares for our community and is grateful for all our support. We’re always looking for volunteers in an array of fields and talents. But if you’re interested in helping out for Grandparents’ Day, email:  




Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to child safety. There are several easy and effective behaviors that parents can share with kids to help reduce their risk of injury.


  • Walk Safely
  • Trick or Treat With an Adult
  • Keep Costumes Both Creative and Safe
  • Drive Extra Safely on Halloween

Click below to see more details about how you can be safe on Halloween!




Flu Clinic

It’s that time again...time to get flu vaccines! Flu activity usually starts around October, peaking around December, and going all the way into May. Seniors, individuals that are medically compromised, and babies under 6 months, should get their vaccines by December; this includes individuals that are living with them. In choosing between the LAIV (nasal spray) or IIV (injection form), both are good choices. Earlier studies showed slightly better efficacy in the nasal form for young children, but more recent studies have not confirmed that. If you think you have the flu, go see your physician as soon as possible as the medication Tamiflu may decrease the severity and length of your symptoms. However, Tamiflu must be taken within the first 48 hours of symptoms for maximum efficacy.



Did you know you can do

i-Ready on an iPad?

Fall break is a perfect time to get some extra i-Ready lessons done. i-Ready will not work from your normal tablet or ipad web browser. In order for it to work, you need to download an app called ‘Puffin Web Browser’ and load i-Ready from there. There is a version for purchase and a free version; both will work for i-Ready.


We are a GAFE School!


Interested in finding out out more? Stop by the lab and talk to Mr. Asselstine.



Physical Education

Fit Factory and Hoops Academy have already started getting ready for the year! Challenge yourself to participate in 1 hour of physcial activity per day!


Character Education

Throughout the year there will be several reflections in the form of MGAGE andHeartitudes! Check out the blog for more information!

Health Education

It has been several years since we have updated our snacks list! This year, we are looking for YOU to find us healthy alternative snacks!


Take a look at these wellness snack guidelines, then submit your snack idea here!

  • Calories ≤ 200
  • Total Fat ≤ 8 grams
  • Saturated Fat ≤ 2 grams
  • Trans Fat ZERO
  • Sodium ≤ 200 mg
  • Sugar ≤ 8 grams



Craft Night is Coming!

Join us for the 2015 Craft and hardwarre Science Lab!

  • Friday, November 13th
  • 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Momilani Cafeteria
  • Flyer

Hui O Momilani Volunteers

Right now, we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers for a few positions available: Treasurer, Membership Chair, Magazine Drive Chair, Family Fun Night Co-chair. If you think you may be interested, please email Tracie at


Missed Registration at Open House? Click below to become a Hui O Momilani Member!




Bubbies Fundraiser

Pickup will be on Saturday, November 22, 2015



Hear the Beep When you Sleep

Our school has once again volunteered to paint a board that will be displayed in front of Waiau fire station during the month of October. Out of the sketches submitted, Waiau firefighters chose 6th grader, Megan Yanagi’s design. Her slogan is “Sleep Tight with a Smoke Alarm in Sight.” If time allows, we have been asked to do a second board as well, which would be displayed at the Pearl City fire station, and have the design with the slogan, “Hear the Beep When you Sleep” drawn by 5th grader, Marlie Asato. Make a Difference students will be helping with the painting.


Pearl City Foundation’s annual Halloween Bash


Pau Hana Farmer's Market

Every Friday, there is a “Pau Hana” get together at Momilani Community Center from 3-6pm. There will be a Farmer’s Market and rotating activities, like Bingo and monthly health topics. Go check it out!

Next Hui O Momilani Meeting:

  • TBD
  • 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Momilani School Cafeteria

Click the button to learn more!


Next Foundation Meeting:

  • TBD
  • 4:30 pm
  • In front of the office

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Next SCC Meeting:

  • TBD
  • 7:00 am
  • Momilani School Library

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