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3rd Annual CS for ALL Night

December 8, 2017


Did you know that 71% of all new careers in STEM are in computing? Teaching computer science is definitely foundational. We have brought in more industry connections, hands on activities, and incredible demonstrations of computer science in action!

This year we also have a featured activity, Micro:bits! A Micro:bit is a small programmable computer! Participation in this activity will require a pre-ordered Micro:bit. Supplies are limited so get yours now!  Pick up will be at the event. Learn more about the Micro:bit here!

Come spend the night exploring the many ways in which computer science impacts all students!

Pre-order Deadline is December 1, 2017



Forget to pay after registering? No worries, click the link to head to the HUI ONLINE STORE!


Chromebooks for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming and the Hui’s Chromebooks for Christmas sale is back! The kids can do their schoolwork and profits go to the school via the Hui O Momilani PTSO! Happy Holidays!


Hui O Momilani

Costume Ball

Friday, October 27. 2017


Aloha, everyone that came and thank you for going to Momilani costume ball to have a scaredy time. We are thanking everyone that came to the scariest, coolest and most boo-tiful ball ever! It was on October 27, 2017 on a Friday at the cafeteria. All families that came to the have a halloween ball and had a great time! Just think what you could have done there! We had a costume parade, a haunted house, games, and dinner, and everyone's favorite: The Flash Mob.


“The difference from this year and last year is there are different games and the haunted house was way scarier.” said Aunty Keli.

This year’s song for the flash mob was “Better When I’m Dancing.” Thanks to, aunty Ann, aunty Keli, and aunty Stacie for figuring out the dance moves for the song. Our aunties worked hard for the flash mob. Parents could've join in but watch how your kids do it first to learn the moves!

We had a cool costume parade! Everyone who looked like a monster, witch, and video game/movie character or anything else could of march to show everyone what your costume looks like. The costume parade was for all the kids there. Everyone lined up in their costumes and walk around the cafeteria. The costume parade is to judge kids for their costumes. The winner would receive a receipt...




Iā ʻOe E Ka Lā Hula

November 3-5, 2017


Congratulations to two of our wonderful hula dancers, Chablis and De’an Valenzona, who performed at the 37th Annual Iā ʻOe E Ka Lā Hula Competition & Festival which lasted 6 hours in total. These two hula dancers have worked hard to compete in the competition.


The Iā ‘Oe E Ka Lā Hula Competition, which takes place November 3-5, in Pleasanton, CA, is the oldest hula festival outside of Hawaii. Solo and group hula competitions from keiki all the way to kupuna, arts and crafts, and ...



Grade 5 Drama

October 26, 2017


This year, the 5th grade class performed a drama that taught us students and our families about the Ocean. It was on Thursday, October 26 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and at the evening performance from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This was a very exciting task for the 5th graders.

Grade 5 focused on a play with the ocean as the major theme. The title is the Oceanography Show. The characters in the play will be in groups and have different costumes. Mrs. Oshiro and Mr. Kashiwa works with the 5th graders every year...



Red Ribbon Week

October 23-27, 2017


Did you know all over the world there are bully or drug schools? Well if you didn’t know, that’s why we have Red Ribbon week. This special event is held at Momilani for a week. Red Ribbon Week starts on October 23 in 2017 and ends on the 27th.

Each year Momilani has a week called Red Ribbon Week. It is a week dedicated to make a stand against bullies and drugs. It is a good opportunity to show how much you like to support the Momilani school. Also to show your personality...







Complex Basketball

November 18, 2017


“Swish!” goes the ball through the net on the first practice. The practices were awesome! We did lay-ups, three man weave, dribbling, and scrimmages. We mixed up the teams for the scrimmages to get us better prepared for the tournament. Both the sixth and the fifth grade teams were good coming into practice, but way better coming out.  Shaherra told me, “ At the beginning of basketball I couldn't dribble a ball twice without losing it. But at the end I could actually dribble the ball down and back across the court”

On game day November 18, about 30 players from Momilani Elementary school went up to Pearl City High School for the Annual Complex Basketball Tournament...




November 23, 2017


What is the meaning of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a national holiday to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest. The first Thanksgiving celebration was in 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast. They shared pumpkin, squash, berries, clams, and fish. Ever since 1863, Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a national holiday on the last Thursday in November, after Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it as a national holiday of "Our Beneficent Father Who Dwelleth in the Heavens." We wouldn't be eating turkey for Thanksgiving dinner if it weren't for him...



Grade 3 Grandparent's Day

October 25, 2017



We all appreciate our grandparents and the things they do for us. Grandparents day is a good way to repay them. The Grade 3 Grandparents Day was on Oct. 25 in the Momilani School Cafeteria. They do this so the 3rd graders can repay their grandparents for all they do for them.

The 3rd graders’ songs:

“One Call Away by Charlie Puth” (Lyrics)

"I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder (Lyrics)

“I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash (Lyrics.


Each student will create a piece of original art that comes from a line from “I Just Called to Say I Love You”...





Medication Storage

If a student needs to store/carry medication for Sever allergy, Asthma, or daily meds for ADHD etc. in school during this school year, please go to the office to get form(SH36) . Fill out the form and get approved. This form must be renewed yearly.

NO medications are allowed in school without this form.


Peanut/Nut Free School

Please remember that at Momilani we have students with severe allergies to nuts, so we are a nut free school!


Meal Prices:

  • Breakfast: $1.10
  • Reduced Breakfast: $0.30
  • Lunch: $2.50
  • Reduced Lunch: $0.40
  • Milk Only: $0.60

Free and Reduced Meals



Online Lunch Payments



Power of Attorney Notice

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Schools of the Future

October 26 - 27, 2017


Mr. Asselstine and eight fifth and sixth graders are invited to present at the 9th annual Schools of the Future conference on October 26 & 27, from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm at the Hawaii Convention Center.


They will present to teachers from across the island and listen to other schools presenting about what they are learning. They are presenting “Code Challenges: Dash and Dot” on Thursday and “Survive and Thrive in an Ahupua’a” on Friday. On Thursday they will teach teachers how to use coding in their classroom, and on Friday they will show teachers a Hawaiiana project they did in MinecraftEDU...



Wellness Guidelines



Take a look at these wellness snack guidelines, then submit your snack idea here!

  • Calories ≤ 200
  • Total Fat ≤ 8 grams
  • Saturated Fat ≤ 2 grams
  • Trans Fat ZERO
  • Sodium ≤ 200 mg
  • Sugar ≤ 8 grams



Chromebooks for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming and the Hui’s Chromebooks for Christmas sale is back! It’s a great time to get your child off Mom and Dad’s computer and on to a computer of their very own. The kids can do their schoolwork, adults get their computer back, and profits go to the school via the Hui O Momilani PTSO. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! The sale is now through Dec. 8. See the Chromebooks for Christmas flyer for details. Happy Holidays!

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The Foundation’s success relies heavily on volunteer parents to make things happen.  As such, the Foundation NEEDS YOU!  We welcome your getting involved with an organization that is dedicated to making your child’s experience at Momilani a rewarding one.




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