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Did You Know?

Half of the world's population is under 25 years of age.

Vision and Mission Statement


To provide a renaissance education in a small cosmopolitan environment through integration of disparate fields. Addressing different learning styles and multiple intelligences strengthens the learning process and helps students to develop to their fullest potential.  Consistent school wide practices through our effective teaching strategies enhance unity and continuity in our academic program.  Strong parent/community/business support and involvement increase our resources and support for providing an enriching comprehensive curriculum.  Finally, collaboration, teamwork, shared vision and shared leadership are the driving forces behind our effective research-based school improvement process where “Learning for all”—high student achievement of State Standards is our goal.




Reflected in our school motto: “Quality education in a safe, caring environment.” Believing all children can learn, the staff continually strives to improve the instructional strategies and curriculum to challenge every child--including academically talented, disabled, and at-risk students.  Learning occurs in a secure, orderly, nurturing, inclusive, and drug-free environment where all staff members have high expectations for student achievement.