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Did You Know?

Storm drains and ditches are different than sewers.

Safety: Storm Water Management Plan

Momilani Elementary plays a vital role in the State’s storm water management plan in keeping our streams and oceans clean and free of pollutants.  When it rains, pollutants such as litter, pesticides and household chemicals wash down into streams and eventually end up in the ocean.  This directly affects us all because we are surrounded by the ocean.  The ocean is an essential part of our lives, whether it is for recreation or harvesting seafood.  All schools are required to have a storm water management plan which includes regular inspection for blockages, public education and participation.  The plan also includes construction site runoff control.  Momilani Elementary has nine storm drains on campus; two of which are located in our front parking lot.  Water flowing into the ocean through storm drains is not treated; therefore, we must be aware of trash and chemicals left near the drains that could easily wash down.  When you see trash and other storm drain hazards, please kokua.  Help us keep our school and environment clean and free of pollutants!  Mahalo!