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The CSSS is a collaborative effort involving the Department of Education, the family, and the community.

Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS)

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Debra FujitaniSheree Tamura (SSC)

Ringggggggggggg…”Aloha, Ni Hao, Ran Annim, Ohayoo Gozaimasu, Ahn Nyeong Ha Se Yo, Hola, Xin Chao, Zibok Su, Magandang Umaga!  Resource Room, may I help you?”


Yes, this is she.  Yes, I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor in Elementary Education with emphasis in Psychology and Special Education Mainstreaming.  I humbly share that I am slowly approaching my 28th year in the DOE system with 23 of those wonderful years here at Momilani Elementary School.  As an educator closing in on retirement, I have learned to enjoy sporting a chameleon suit and adapting to countless, sleepless nights.  My travels across both Leeward and Central Districts have included Leeward Community College (paraprofessional for Komo Mai Center for Handicapped Students), Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary (Grade 2 & Upper Grades Motivation Class), Wahiawa Community School for Adults (DOE Certificated Program), August Ahrens Elementary (ESL), Waiau Elementary (Special Education), Leeward District Special Services-Nanakuli/Pearl City Team, Central District Special Services-District Special Team, Waianae Elementary (Grades 5 & 6) and Momilani Elementary (Grades 4, 5 & 6, Art Resource, Music Resource, Lower Grade Resource, Student Council/Make A Difference Team Advisor). 

Oh, what do I do here?”  Well, occasionally, my “Cat in the Hat” tricks include juggling morning chorus rehearsals and performances(when time permits), coordinating student participation in year round community art contests, attending School Community Council meetings, coordinating and planning Momilani Elementary School Junior Ambassador Program to Hyuga City, Japan, executing the perilous paper shuffle dance for State reports, attending endless state and district curriculum meetings/training sessions, trouble shooting miscellaneous non-tech issues and, best of all, indulging in healthy snacks.  My current position offers me the opportunity to work closer with teachers, administration, parents and the community members in better servicing our students’ needs.


Ringgggggggggg…”Ms. Tamura, speaking.  May I help you?”


Sharon SanoLynn Sakamoto-Duensing (Special Education)

Lynn Sakamoto-Duensing has served as Momilani’s Special Education teacher since 1996.  She is a local girl, receiving her education from Pearl City Kai (Lehua Elementary), Highlands Intermediate, Waipahu High School, Leeward Community College, and the University of Hawaii.  She worked briefly for Alphabetland, and received Montessori training while at Children’s House.  Lynn moved to the mainland and taught in Nebraska for 17 years.  She received her Master’s Degree in Special Education at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Go Big Red!  After years of tornados, hail, blizzards, lightning/thunder storms, snow storms, ice storms and heat waves Lynn decided to move back to Hawaii with her family.  At Momilani, Lynn works with students from kindergarten to sixth grade and can be reached at 307-5800.


Lynn WakahiroLance Nishihara (Guidance Counselor)

Lance Nishihara started his school counseling career in 1989.  With a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Chaminade Universty of Hawaii), he was split between 2 elementary schools. Employed by the largest elementary school on Oahu and one of the smallest elementary schools in the Leeward District, serving both schools half-time.  With Momilani Elementary School being one of the smallest, a full-time counselor position was not warranted until parents and students turned to the Legislative system and lobbied for a full-time counselor position.


After receiving his tenure, “Mr. Nish” chose to be a part of the Momilani family and served the student population with gratitude as a full time counselor.  Thanks to the parents and student representatives who successfully made an impact in the House and Senate of Hawaii’s Legislature.


Now 25 plus years later, “Mr. Nish” has the privilege of serving those students’ children who lobbied for a full time counselor during the early 1990’s with the same focus...providing students with “Quality Education in a Caring and Safe Environment.”


In his spare time, Mr. Nish continues to surf and has enjoyed the art of making surfboards since 2002.  If you didn’t know, Mr. Nish is married to Mrs. Nishihara in the lower grades.

If you would like to drop a note to him, email: