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Lower Elementary teachers have a combined experience of 163 years.

Grade 2

Carol Hasegawa McOuat
Dwayne Yuen
Renz Lorenzo


About us:

Aloha and Welcome to 2nd grade!
We are excited to meet all of you and look forward to a fulfilling partnership this year! This Wiki page will help you better understand our expectations, routines, and other information about our classroom.


Our grade level is set up whereby students will have either Mr. Dwayne Yuen (Rm.101), Mrs. Carol Hasegawa-McOuat (Rm. 102), or Mr Lorenzo (Rm. 209) as their homeroom teacher. In Room 101/102, Mrs. Hasegawa-McOuat will be teaching the students reading and writing. Mr. Yuen will be teaching the students math, science, and social studies. Mr. Lorenzo will be teaching all of those subjects to his students in Room 209. Our second grade students will have the added benefit of working with all three teachers throughout the school year. Mrs. Hasegawa-McOuat will teaching Technology and Career Education. Mr. Lorenzo will be teaching Art and Music. And, Mr. Yuen will be teaching Physical Education and Health to our grade 2 students.


Our main goal is to help students to be the best they can be academically and behaviorally. It is our hope that students will become more self-directed and take responsibility for their learning. Students will learn to adjust to being responsible for their belongings as they switch classrooms for different subjects and adjust to different teachers, varying schedules, and different learning environments. This will better prepare them for third grade and the years to follow.


Our curriculum is defined by a combination of the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Hawaii State Content and Performance Standards. All students will be assigned a set of textbooks and workbooks which they need to be responsible for. In addition to the subjects that will be taught by the second grade teachers, students will also be working with our school’s resource team of teachers in the areas of technology, library/literature, and science.

We look forward to a wonderful school year!!

Very sincerely,
Mrs. Hasegawa McOuat, Mr. Lorenzo, and Mr. Yuen


Carol Hasegawa McOuat

Carol has been at Momilani Elementary School since 2006. She has experience teaching 4th grade, 1st grade, technology to K-2, and 2nd grade. Before teaching at Momilani, Carol was in Japan for 2 years on the JET program and taught preschool to adults how to speak/write in English. Carol holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood and a master's degree in Educational Technology from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Teaching brings her so much joy especially when she see students' eyes light up when they are able to understand the standard she is trying to teach them. Students are what drives her to do her best, their thirst for knowledge makes her want to teach more, Carol knows that they can learn from each other. She believes that every student, no matter how young or old, can learn to be independent if you let him or her. Her students will always hear her say, "Try your best."


Renz Lorenzo

Renz Lorenzo began teaching at Momilani Elementary School in 2017. Prior to my arrival, I taught music at Ewa Beach Elementary. I earned my bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, and my two minors, in Creative Writing and Music, from Chapman University in Orange County, California. I am excited to integrate all three subject areas into my instruction. Finally, I earned my Masters degree in Elementary Education at Hawaii Pacific University. I enjoy creating fun and engaging activities that use different mediums, like music, technology, art and 3-D models for investigating. In my class, we embrace mistakes, because we know they lead to growth. The number one phrase in my class is, "Welcome to the learning pit." The content might be rigorous and the journey may be long, but we persevere, because the only way out of the pit is up!


Dwayne Yuen

Dwayne Yuen has been a teacher at Momilani Elementary School since August 2007.  Prior to that, he taught 6th grade at Waiau Elementary School. He graduated high school from Punahou School in Manoa.  After graduating high school, Mr. Yuen attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder for 2 years focusing on business marketing.  He then returned to Hawaii to work as a mason, painter, and carpenter.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix.  Mr. Yuen team teaches with Mrs. Hasegawa-McOuat & Mr. Lorenzo. After school Mr. Yuen teams with first grade teacher Mr. Omine to run the Momilani Hoops Academy.  In addition, Mr. Yuen is the camp director for the annual Hui O Momilani Basketball Clinic. Mr. Yuen enjoys building character, teaching life lessons, and instilling confidence in his students.  Mr. Yuen teaches the students to be self-reliant, have grit, and to care about others.  His motto is:  "DREAM BIG...DO IT BIGGER!!!"