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Lower Elementary teachers have a combined experience of 163 years.

Grade K

Karen Hirata
Lori Sasaki
Janel Yoshimura
Karen Hirata
Lori Sasaki
Janel Yoshimura


About Us:

Here at Momilani Elementary School, we have three kindergarten classes.  One classroom is a “singleton” class made up of one class and one teacher while another classroom is a double classroom with an open layout made up of two classes and two teachers who team-teach throughout the day.

We work very closely as a grade level, planning our curriculum together.  We focus on the development of independent thinkers and learners who can take care of and respect themselves, each other and their school/community.  We encourage and try to instill a sense of responsibility, self-control and good decision-making throughout the school year.


We begin the school year focusing on self, family and community.  We extend learning beyond the classroom through quarterly field trips as well as through parent participation with home projects and school activities like our Halloween pumpkin carving activity, Gingerbread House decorating, and Grandparents’ Day.


We work hand-in-hand with parents and families, always encouraging open communication and involvement.  We believe that if we work together – child, parents, families, teachers, school – as “partners in education,” every child can have a positive and successful kindergarten experience here at Momilani Elementary.  We love being kindergarten teachers!!!


Mrs. Karen Hirata

One of the kindergarten teachers is Mrs. Karen Hirata.  Mrs. Hirata received her Bachelor’s of Education degree and Professional Diploma from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  She taught first and second grades at Kaunakakai Elementary on Molokai and first grade at Kamaile Elementary School.  Mrs. Hirata has 25+ years of teaching experience.  She has been teaching at Momilani Elementary since 1991.  Mrs. Hirata taught first and second grades and is presently a kindergarten teacher.


Mrs. Lori Sasaki

Aloha! My name is Lori Sasaki and I am a kindergarten teacher here at Momilani Elementary School.  I received my Bachelor’s of Education degree and a Professional Diploma from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I began my teaching career 20+ years ago and have enjoyed teaching at different grade levels and at different schools.  My teaching experiences include many years on the Waianae coast at Waianae High School and Ma’ili Elementary.   I also taught at Waikele Elementary School before arriving here at Momilani Elementary where I now teach kindergarten.


Mrs. Janel Yoshimura

My name is Janel Yoshimura and I have been teaching here at Momilani  for about 15+ years.  I graduated from the U.H. Manoa with a Bachelor’s and Professional Diploma in Elementary Education.  My past educational experiences include schools such as Manana Elementary and Punahou Summer School.  I have taught 1st and 3rd grades, but most of my teaching career has been here at the Kindergarten grade level.


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