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Lower Elementary teachers have a combined experience of 163 years.

Grade Pre-Kindergarten

Yumie Lefebvre
John Gacula
Yumie Lefebvre
John Gacula


About Us:

Our preschool program strives to provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in a fun, effective, and safe environment. We focus on various domains of child development, carefully plan goals and objectives for each student, and work as a team to support individual’s learning.


We understand that each student comes from different background and life experiences. We value their unique differences and apply them to build meaningful learning opportunities.


We believe that parent/family involvement in early childhood education can extend student’s learning and make positive impact on their growth. We humbly appreciate parents keeping our communication lines open and flexible throughout the school year.


Mrs. Yumie Lefebvre

Mrs. Lefebvre is excited to be the very first preschool teacher at Momilani Elementary School and she feels thankful for this opportunity. She is a graduate of University of Hawaii at Manoa with degrees of Bachelor of Education and Master of Special Education. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education for about 8 years. Before coming to Momilani Elementary School, she taught at Barber’s Point Elementary School and a private school. She loves working with young children and strives to support their growth and learning experiences.

When Mrs. Lefebvre is not teaching, she is all about “Fun Activities”. She enjoys surfing, mountain biking, running, yoga, traveling, hiking etc.


Mr. John Gacula

Mr. John is very excited to be the the classroom Educational Assistant for Momilani Elementary School’s first Preschool class. He is  a graduate of Leeward Community College’s Teacher Education program where he earned both an Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree and a Special/Inclusive Education Certificate. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education through Leeward Community College’s Teacher Education Programs partnership with Chaminade University to further develop his abilities as an educator. Before arriving here at Momilani Elementary, He worked as a peer mentor for the education program, where he provided academic support for college students. He also worked at Kanoelani Elementary’s preschool class as a District Educational Assistant for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Overall, He had the opportunity to work with students ranging from Special Education to Pre-K and the College level. Mr. John looks forward to providing the support and encouragement for our students during their learning journey as they continue to grow and develop as life-long learners.