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Did You Know?

The first edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published in 1964.

Library Services at Momilani

Dear Momilani Students,


Please continue to choose at least one nonfiction book. You must return all your books in order to check out to your maximum book limit. You can also renew or extend your books to avoid late fee.


Here is the breakdown of books per grade level that can be borrowed.

  • Grade K, 1 (two books)
  • Grade 2, 3 (three books)
  • Grade 4,5,6 (three to four books)

It is crucial to take good care of your books. Your account will be charged for any lost or damaged books. Please keep books away from water, food and dirt.


In order to keep track of your library books, please put them back to your backpacks once you are done reading them. Also make a designated area in your house for your library books. A basket by the door is a good example of designated area for your library books.


Mrs. Sharara Kamin

Mrs. Sharara Kamin is a part-time teacher who helps run the Momilani Elementary School library. She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2004. Mrs. Kamin enjoys being surrounded with books and children. She believes there is no power more immense, than the power of knowledge. Mrs. Kamin feels that reading is the key to become empowered.

When she is not managing books, she enjoys running, hiking, walking, shopping, and cooking for her family and friends. Mrs. Kamin has been happily married to her husband Mr. Kamin and has two beautiful daughters ages 11 and 8. Mrs Kamin’s philosophy is to work hard, be respectful, and be kind.


Her future goal is to earn her PHD and became a professor. In the meantime she continues to read and expand her knowledge and influence other children to read as well.