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From the Office

Allergy Alert

We have students on our campus who are highly allergic to peanuts, peanut products (including dust and oil) and tree nuts, which can trigger life-threatening emergencies. For this reason, we are a “PEANUT / NUT FREE” school. Our cafeteria does not serve any food with peanut or nut ingredients.

We truly appreciate your assistance in helping your child to understand that foods containing peanuts or nuts are not allowed in school including:

  • Recess or A+ snacks. Please check the ingredients of prepackaged or homemade products.

  • Lunches, including peanut butter sandwiches

  • Class treats (for birthdays and other celebrations)

  • Although we encourage generosity, we discourage sharing or trading of snacks. An added benefit is that students will not be sharing germs and viruses which will help keep colds and flus from spreading.

Please be aware of “cross-contamination” while preparing or handling foods at home that are sent to school, or sending children to school who have eaten peanut products at home. Even a peanut/nut contaminated doorknob or desk endangers students with these serious allergies.


Administering and Storing Medication in the Health Room

Certain prescribed medications can be administered by the Health Aide for selected students. Please follow the Department of Health forms procedures.


For more information see our FAQ section. CLICK HERE or contact the Health Aide at 307-5800.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

August 26 - September 1, 2016

Reminder: Students will be released at 1:00 p.m.


Breakfast and Lunch Prices

Breakfast is $1.00
Reduced breakfast is $0.30

Lunch is $2.25
Reduced lunch is $0.40

A la carte milk purchase is $0.60



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