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Boxtops for Education

Written by: ShaheeraK

Edited by: SethH


Have you ever seen boxtops on the bottom of your fruit loops cereal? Boxtops can be found on hundreds of products throughout the grocery store and online. Boxtops donate money to your school based on the number of box tops you turn in. Each one is worth 10 cents for our school.


“It is the easiest way to give money to you school. Make sure you don’t throw it away, because it’s money you payed for going to waste. Make sure you check the date on the boxtop to make sure it is not expired!” Sharara Kamin, Librarian


Anyone can donate money to their school. Its as easy as clip and paste. Make sure you attach it to the paper your teacher passed out to you, and don’t worry if you threw it away. Visit the website where you can print coupons, or print out the paper to attach your box tops to. You can give the paper to the librarian, Mrs. Kamin.


The boxtops company started in 1996 in California. Each year America’s schools earn over $800 million. They can be found on brands such as Pillsbury™, Kellogg's™, and Green Giant™.


So bring in boxtops and support your school!