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Did You Know?

The snow level almost never gets below 9,000 feet in Hawaii during the winter.

Red Ribbon Week

The National Family Partnership organized the first Nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. NFP provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual National Red Ribbon Celebration. Since its beginning in 1985, the Red Ribbon has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, angered parents and youth in communities across the country began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction cause by drugs in America.


Did you know all over the world there are bully or drug schools? Well if you didn’t know, that’s why we have Red Ribbon week. This special event is held at Momilani for a week. Red Ribbon Week starts on October 23 in 2017 and ends on the 27th.

Each year Momilani has a week called Red Ribbon Week. It is a week dedicated to make a stand against bullies and drugs. It is a good opportunity to show how much you like to support the Momilani school. Also to show your personality.

Mr. Nieva said, “Red Ribbon Week is a great way to unify the school into doing something fun that everyone can do, but at the same time, has a message about being drug and bully free.  It helps to remind everyone that we need to stand together to be against bullying and stay drug free!”

This event is 100% optional, it’s nice to have people standing against bullies. It would be great if everyone could take part, but if you can’t, that’s okay. If you’re class has the most participants, you can win a prize in saying thanks.