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Momilani Welcomes Hyuga City

Written by: JolieM

Edited by: NicoleT


On August 16th, we had 8 Japanese Exchange students and their chaperones come to Momilani from different schools in Hyuga City. They were paired up with 6 of our 5th graders and 2 of our 6th grade students. Our 8 Momilani students were selected for this program. These 8 students from Japan were homestayed at some of our homes for 5 days.


Before the Japanese kids came, our representative students decorated the library. Also, they waved signs in front of our library to welcome the Japanese. When they came to our school straight from the airport, the 8 pairs crafted fun activities in the library. There were activities like brush bots (which they could bring back to Japan), teaching them some Hawaiian instruments, and more! They left on the 21st of August to go back to Japan. We were all heartbroken that they left, but were excited to see them again in Hyuga! This was a great experience for us to bond and make new friends with these selected boys and girls.


On October 7th, the 8 selected ambassadors will go to Japan to homestay at our partners homes and visit the schools in Hyuga City.


Thank you to Mrs. Higa, Mr. Arakawa, Mr. Uchino, and Mr. Nieva for supporting this awesome program. We appreciate all of your hard work in making this school a better place for kids to get educated and learn new skills.