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Did You Know?

To maintain a healthy diet, it's recommended that you eat six to ten servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

Wellness: Health and Nutrition

"The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to nearly 21% over the same period."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


This year we continue to encourage our families to visit the Momilani Nutrition Guidelines and select snacks that will keep our keiki healthy! The students submitted snack list that meet our wellness guidelines have been provided so that we can provide a wider range of options for our families.


School sponsored events and fundraising have also been working to meet the wellness guidelines when they provide food and snacks. These snacks and the guidelines help Momilani be more conscious about the type of nutrition we provide.


Hui O Momilani and the Family Fun Night Committee have been working very hard to make sure that the snacks and food served at the big event meet the wellness guidelines. It really is a team effort when it comes to changing eating habits.


Momilani Messenger August Edition Momilani Wellness Guidelines

Momilani Messenger September Edition Momilani Wellness Snack List