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Did You Know?

There are three types of muscles in the human body: cardiac, smooth and skeletal.

Wellness: Physical Education

We work to instill the lifelong values and habits of active an lifestyles for our students. To help with this we have been working with K-6 teachers use the SPARK curriculum and work towards meeting the content standards in physical education. We also use the Fitnessgram program to help assess the students fitness levels. Students are introduced to the five events in K-2 and are tested in grades 2-6 on a quarterly basis. The tests focus more on fitness and less on skills. Through proper form and pacing, students will work on areas such as strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students receive a Fitnessgram report after each testing session that they can show their family.


Another programs that are being used at Momilani include Speed Stacking. Speed Stacking benefits students in many ways including; hand-eye coordination, improved concentration and focus, as well as increasing self-confidence.


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As part of our wellness program, we also try to promote participation in many community activities such as the Keiki Run, Great Aloha Run, the Ford Island Bridge Run, and the Honolulu 5k for Kids.


Physical Education at Momilani