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Most sprints are completed in less than 13 seconds, some sprinters don't breathe when they run their 50m, 60m, or 100m sprints.

Wellness: Complex Area Basketball

By: KanaS

“Go! Whowhooo!!!”  a cheer goes up in the crowd.  My team had just made a basket at the Pearl City complex basketball tournament.  In November 2015, Momilani challenged other schools in a basketball competition.  The other schools had so many tall people and they were really good, so we did not do so well.  It was still fun though because we all tried our best.  Our team practiced for many weeks, Monday through Thursday, at Momilani courts before going to Pearl City High School for the big day.

During our practices we did many things. First, we would do drills and warm ups.  We learned how to set up for defense and the different positions on the court.  After passing and and shooting we would play a game 5th graders against 6th graders.  It was pretty embarrassing because the 5th  graders usually won. We would make two sixth grade teams and two fifth grade teams, but at the tournament each grade is all one team.  When my sixth grade team was challenging the other sixth grade team at practice, the other team made up names for each other.  This made it so confusing for our team because we didn’t know who was who. Also it was really funny because their new “names” were breakfast foods. During the game it would sound like, “Bacon! I’m open!”, “Sausage!” someone else would shout.  My team all looked confused and then tried to figure out what food has who.  The practices were fun and soon it was my last practice.  Some people were excited, others nervous.  We had all gotten pretty good at basketball and felt prepared for the competition.

The day finally came and the fifth graders did great!  They took first place overall and held the huge shining trophy.  We congratulated them and then most of them left.  Next, it was the sixth graders turn to play.  We lost most of our games and during the last one we played extra hard.  Everyone was dripping in sweat and tired.  People were shouting each others names. “Ball!” someone would shout. He shoots and scores.  I had to try hard and not only think about how my actions will affect me, but also my whole team.  I personally do not like to have the ball and be the center of attention.  I had to learn to get comfortable with that and make it obvious when I am open.  Even if I missed the basket, I learned that it was okay and that it happens to everyone.  This made me a better overall teammate.  We did not even make it to the semifinals and we were sad.  Our coaches cheered us up and we felt better.  “It’s okay.  Everyone loses sometimes, but we are all winners in the end because we tried our best,” our coaches told us.  When we left some of us stilled looked down, but my friends and I were already laughing and having fun.  This would be our last year on the Momilani Basketball Team.

This was a great learning experience for me.  I learned to work together and get out of my comfort zone.  I would like to thank my coaches Mrs. Yasui, Mr. Tashiro, Mrs. Oshiro, and Mr. Kashiwa.  Also, I would like to thank Pearl City High School for letting us have this competition at their school and refereeing us.  I enjoyed playing basketball and my coaches taught me many life lessons that I should always keep in mind.  

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