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Most sprints are completed in less than 13 seconds, some sprinters don't breathe when they run their 50m, 60m, or 100m sprints.

Complex Area Basketball

Written and Edited by: SethH and HaileeG


“Swish!” goes the ball through the net on the first practice. The practices were awesome! We did lay-ups, three man weave, dribbling, and scrimmages. We mixed up the teams for the scrimmages to get us better prepared for the tournament. Both the sixth and the fifth grade teams were good coming into practice, but way better coming out.


Shaheera told me, “At the beginning of basketball I couldn't dribble a ball twice without losing it. But at the end I could actually dribble the ball down and back across the court”

On game day November 18, about 30 players from Momilani Elementary school went up to Pearl City High School for the Annual Complex Basketball Tournament.

The fifth grade team was on fire winning 2 games, then we came across Peaches in the third game which ended in a tie. Heading into the single elimination part of the tournament as the #1 seed, we felt unstoppable!



When it came to the first game of the single elimination we played Manana. It was a close game during the first half, but in the second half momilani broke away and crushed their dreams. At this time the Eagles were pumped and thought they could do anything.


“We had hopes of winning it all." ChaysonM


In the first half of the second game, Momilani could not by a bucket! Peaches was grabbing boards like the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In the second half the Eagles were playing shutdown D.  With one minute left we made a epic comeback because Logan was grabbing boards like Shaq, Chayson was hitting shots like Ray Ray on a hot streak and was now broke because he was dropping dimes like crazy, and Seth was pounding the ball in the paint and getting high percent shots like Lebron James.  It was now 10-10. My friend and star rebounder Logan yelled “Uh oh! We’re down we better not choke."


The game went to overtime and the rule was first to 3 points. Peaches started with the ball and the point guard drove in and got the and-one and they closed the game in a heart breaker.

On that same day at 12:30 the sixth grade team played their first game and they weren’t off to a good start. Going into the second pool play game, “I was under lots of pressure when the Waiau boy was guarding me, but at the same time I was eager to steal the ball from him,” Kristie concludes.


With a 1-2 record the Eagles were the #3 seed but heads still up high ready to dominate the next game!  Heading into the quarter finals game playing Kanoelani things were starting to get excited.


“The court was very loud and exciting, and I could really feel the energy level of the loud crowd,” BraedenA


With the first elimination game of the day, everything was quite different.  More nerves knowing that if you don’t pull through with a win, you’re out!  Momilani Eagles with a blowout against Kanoelani, they will be moving on to the semifinals with more confidence than ever!  

The moment Momilani has been waiting for, the game to determine whether they will be going into the Championship or a big defeat in the semis.  Towards the end of the second half, Eagles down by just a few baskets everybody in the crowd has sweaty hands and players are experiencing more nerves.


“I felt eager for a comeback to win, but I also felt respected when I was moved up to the first five and was told to guard the biggest threat on the other team,” exclaims Mia.


Releasing the beasts of Momilani they attempt to dominate for the W but when the buzzer goes off, players faces drifting toward the score boards, and suddenly sad faces appear on every face in the Momilani crowd.  Sadly, the Momilani Eagles fall three points short of making it to the championship.  With a few bad calls, a well played game, we gladly high five the other team and with no regrets, win or lose we all played our hearts out and we proudly represent the Momilani Eagles.


On behalf of the 5th & 6th grade Momilani Basketball Team we would like to thank our teachers, Mr. Kashiwa, Mrs. Oshiro, Mr. Tashiro, and Mrs. Yasui for coming out to practice every day to help and prepare us for the tournament.  Without your coaching, perseverance, and believing in us we wouldn’t have made it as far as we did without you.  Thank you!