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It can take 18-20 ponytails to create one custom hairpiece for a child in need.

Bright Spot: Garage Sale for AllyT

Written by: ShaheeraK

Edited by: KalenaN


Did you make it to the garage sale a few Saturdays ago, to raise funds for Allyson’s treatment? Well, if you didn’t, you missed out on a lot.


The original idea and planning was by two of her friends, TaylorY and RylieT. It was originally supposed to be at Taylor’s house, but so many people volunteered to help and donate we knew it was too small. Then, Breene Harimoto generously donated the Momilani Rec Center to us for the sale on March 10th. They agreed and started to receiving donations, filling the 6th grade classroom everyday until that Saturday. For sale, we had Shave Ice (thanks to Shockers ‘04 Girls), Popcorn (also run by the Shockers ‘04 Girls), Sherbert Ice Cream, Spam Musubis (run by Ally’s friends: Dayza and Makayla), Pretzel Sticks, Brownies, clothes, books, AND A LOT MORE. Volunteers were there from 6:30pm-10pm the night before and 5:30am-4:00pm day of the sale. Volunteers carried and sorted donations the night before and setup/assisted selling/offered customer help the day of. At end of sale, a Big Brothers Big Sisters truck picked up leftover items. Rylie and Taylor went on the HNN to publicize the garage sale two days before, and was interviewed by Steve Uyehara.





They also sent out a Thank-you from the Facebook Page:


"This weekend was an amazing experience. We know to say thank you isn't enough and cannot even express how much we appreciate all the support we have received from our family, friends, coworkers, soccer brothers/sisters, classmates, and Ally supporters. When we started this journey, it was news no parent ever wants to hear nor an experience we would ever want anyone to go through. However, this journey has shown us things we never could have imagined. We have seen a soccer community, full of competitors, turn into a family that is willing to put their guard down to help a soccer sister. We have seen family, friends, classmates, and coworkers show us the true meaning of love and friendship beyond just mere words of support and encouragement. We have seen Ally supporters, known and anonymous, show us that it truly takes a village to raise a child. We want ALL of you to know that you ALL have gotten Ally to this point in her journey. Her smile that she shows daily is a reflection of the love and support ALL of you have given her and our family. You have given her strength that we would never have been able to give her by ourselves. We know we are still in the beginning of this journey but we know Ally will get through this journey with ALL of your support! We ask that you please share this with everyone you know that have supported Ally and our family through this journey. Thank you!"


Also, on a program called GoFundMe, they’ve currently fundraised $34,735 of $30,000 goal, all going towards Ally’s medical bills. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY!

Because many miss her at school, we have a monkey to take her place. The monkey, named Lily, was given to us by the company “A Monkey in My Chair”. A lady who worked for them came in and explained Ally’s situation and how the monkey in her chair takes her place, so she will never miss a moment in school. The monkey also has a backpack that student drop gifts and letters that are given to Ally. Sadly, this is the second monkey in a chair at Momilani. In the past, we have had a sixth-grader named Allyson who also had cancer, and monkey took her place as well.


"The best part about doing it was to we know we helped; it was a huge success"

-RylieT, friend of Allyson, one of the coordinators of the garage sale

Remember, ALL money raised at the garage sale and on GoFundMe proceed to Ally’s medical bills. If you didn’t know by now, Allyson has a rare type of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. She is the third child of a firefighter stationed at Waipahu Station 12 to be diagnosed with cancer over the past seven years. Thank you to all who already helped at the garage sale and donated on GoFundMe! You are greatly appreciated!