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Bright Spot: Nation Board Certification

Written by: AveryH

Edited by: TeraC


Did you know that Mrs. Barnett/Oshiro, Mrs. Wakahiro, and Mrs. Kanoho spent months and days on tests that determined if they were a good teacher? And they recently received answers from all those quizzes that tested their skills. Turned out that they were perfect and skilled teachers! Superintendent Kishimoto and Governor David Ige were present to congratulate newly certified teachers at the state capital of Hawaii! This means that they were going to positively impact the lives and education of elementary students.



These teachers were tested by many quizzes to be certified for an award that only very little teachers get. This year, there were 56 new national board certified teachers. The tests were based off of the National Board Standards that were propositions that determined if you were a skilled teacher. In all, there were 5 important standards. The first one was being committed to helping students learn. The next one was knowing the subject you teach and how to teach it to students. Then you get the understanding of the rest of the propositions.


“The process of certification for National Board was one of the most rigorous and challenging undertakings I have ever gone through. However, it was also the most valuable, eye-opening, and rewarding experience I have had (so far) in my teaching career. I am grateful to Mrs. Higa, Mr. Arakawa, and Mrs. Umeda for encouraging me to go for this certification and supporting me throughout the entire process,” Mrs. Kanoho said about this exciting experience.


Now, they are known as teachers that will make a big difference in elementary students’ lives. They will be sure to inspire, create, build up, and encourage students. I am sure that they will continue to spread great education, happiness, and a better future. Thank you to these wonderful teachers that won this award and everyone at Momilani. You make this a great school with a safe and caring environment.


The Department of Education celebrates all of the fantastic teachers around the state that completed the National Board Certification. READ ARTICLE


If you want to find more information please go to these two websites and .

They will provide information about The National Board Award that is not in this article.