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Junior Ambassador Program

Hyuga City, Miyazaki, Japan

A cultural and educational Junior Ambassador Program between Momilani Elementary School in Pearl City and area schools in Hyuga City, Japan, was initiated on August 27, 2007.  Hyuga City initially asked the Department of Education to establish a sister-school relationship, opening communications between Dr. Bern Mulvey, Mrs. Judy Nagasako, and Mrs. Higa.  After much discussion and interaction we were able to implement the Momilani School Junior Ambassador Program.


The DOE vision of a Hawaii Public School Graduate states that all Hawaii
public school graduates will:

  • Realize their individual goals and aspirations.
  • Possess the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to contribute positively and compete in a global society.
  • Exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Our goals:

  • Share the Aloha spirit and unique culture of Hawaii.
  • Participate in a cultural system through a home-stay experience.
  • Enrich classroom experiences in Japanese language and culture.
  • Provide opportunities to share experiences with other students.
  • Promote world peace.

The Momilani Student Ambassador Program provides learning opportunities that extend beyond traditional classroom to enrich / expand each child’s experiences and to further develop each child’s potential. These include homework and hosting home-stay visits.


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Momilani Welcomes Hyuga City - Hyuga City Welcomes Momilani


We wish to thank all of you for supporting our Momilani Elementary

and Hyuga City Junior Ambassador Program.