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Local News: Schools of the Future

Written by: ShaheeraK, AllysonT

Edited by: AllysonT


This is the third year that Mr. Asselstine and eight fifth and sixth graders went to present at the Schools of the Future conference. The conference was on October 26 & 27, from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm at the Hawaii Convention Center. They presented to teachers from across the island and listened to other schools presentations about what they have been learning. This year the Momilani 6th graders  presented “Code Challenges: Dash and Dot on Thursday. The 5th graders presented “Survive and Thrive in an Ahupua’a” on Friday.



Some of the students that went include 5th grader Calleigh expressed how she felt about the experience “It was really cool on how the new technologies and ideas work.” Avery, a Fifth Grader, reveals her feelings about the experience “When I entered the building, I felt like I was in a completely different world. One with more brilliant ideas that I couldn’t ever think of.” A 6th grader named Skye said,“It was a great way to experience new technologies and ideas.”


On Thursday, the 6th graders presented one of the Dash and Dot challenges from 5th grade. For the Dash and Dot challenges, the 5th (now 6th) graders struggled through five different challenges. The 5th (now 6th graders) paired up into groups of two and communicated their ideas in order to solve the complex challenges. The sixth graders presented what was most difficult about working with Dash and Dot. They also showed some adults one Dash and Dot challenge.


On Friday, the Fifth Graders presented their Minecraft Presentation from 4th grade. In the digital Minecraft World, the 4th (now 5th) graders “attempted” to build an ahupua’a which was a strip of land that went from the land to the sea. The piece of land had three sections, the Kai(Ocean/Beach), the Kula(Farmland/Plains), and the Uka(Mountains/Trees). Avery was the Konohiki(leader) of the Kai. Ella was the Konohiki of the Kula. Calleigh was a house builder in the Kai. Together, they showed their project to some teachers that was interested in learning. They showed student reflections about the Ahupua’a and a video of the view of the luscious island.


“This collaborative event is presented by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, the Hawaii Department of Education and the Hawaii Community Foundation in partnership with the Pillars of Peace Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and the Hawaii Society for Technology in Education to highlight the best practices that are taking place in our learning environments today and being planned for those of tomorrow.” Learn more at