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Event: Service Field Trip

The Field Trip

Did you know that Momilani has service groups that has a bunch of service groups. Well, there people in these groups will go on a special field trip to Ice Palace. There the students will spend time with their friends and enjoy themselves.  They all are going to miss some class to celebrate them, but the teachers approved them because (most) are good kids.


“Every student in the service groups have been working so hard throughout the school year. These students truly deserve this.” - BaileeJ

The clubs and faculty advisors that helped us be successful this year.


Junior Police Officers - Mrs. Sandy Barnett and Mrs. Carol Hasegawa-McOuat

the club that is waking up early and keeping you safe when you are crossing the road, the JPO’S. JPO’S kept us safe in the morning and they represented us at the drill competition.


Media Crew - Mr. Shane Asselstine and Mrs. Carol Hasegawa-McOuat

Also, the magical computer genius, Media Club, worked really hard on your yearbooks, photos, videos, and articles like this one!



Student Leadership - Mrs. Lynn Wakahiro

The Student Leadership Team is like the Student Council and helps with the school’s problems like the cat invenstation or the soil in the lower field.


Make A Difference Team - Mr. Daniel Nieva

Similar, the Make A Difference Team (MAD) helps with the momilani community like Grandparents Day or Recycling Drive.


“I think this field trip is great since we put in a lot of effort for these service groups. It’s like an awesome reward!” by NicoleT

Thank You

We thank all the service groups of their hard work and hope that everyone enjoys themselves!  If you want information about ice palace go to and if you want to learn more about the clubs go to


Written by: EllaM

Edited by: JolieM