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Event: KS EdTech Conference

While everyone else was busy finishing up the school year, closing up the classrooms, and preparing for summer, AveryH, JolieM, and NicoleT were preparing with Mr. Asselstine to present at the Kamehameha Ed Tech Conference: Disrupt 2018! On June 5th and June 6th, the team from Momilani travelled down to the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.



One day one, the team presented the session titled 'Wearable Technology with Micro:bits' in which the students worked with educators to learn how micro:bits can be used to learn about physcical computing while making the technology wearable. The sessions had a great group of educators with incredibly creative designs, while programming the micro:bit to act as a thermometer, light meter, and compass.


One the second day, the team repeated the sessions from day one, but also worked alongside Mr. Greg Kent from Kailua Elementary and Mr. Marc Nakayama from Kamehameha Schools in the Makerspace Playground. The helped, created, and had a blast while working with educators on the events of the day. In the Momilani session the focus was on introducing educators to the Micro:bit and the coding possibilities. The educators that attended had no previous experience with the device, but they were able to code a version of the popular game Jan Ken Po!



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