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Every grade level at Momilani participates in a drama performance.

Drama Performace: Grade 3

King Egsie and the Missing Ingredient


Did you see the 3rd grade’s sweet play on the formative five last week?  It was an incredible mix of comedy that displayed an interesting message about the five qualities that make a good person, or in this case, chef.  Mr. Uchino and the students surprised us all again with a great plot and lesson about empathy, grit, self control, integrity, and embracing diversity.  It was a stunning play that impressed us all. Read on to find out more on this great play and it’s cast.


In the play, King Egsie brings all the chefs of the kingdom to participate in a annual cooking contest to see who are the best cooks of the entire kingdom!  Each group of cooks prepared a delicious meal for the king to taste. They know that the king has a secret ingredient that he is looking for and all the chefs are adding what they think to be the ingredient. It was a successful play that was enjoyed by the whole school!


Did you know that all Mr. Uchino designs all his plays from scratch!  He writes the songs and creates the backdrop. He even plays the music in the real play along with his band of amazing musicians.  Mr. Uchino spends his whole spring break designing his play. He is one dedicated teacher!


In all of Mr. Uchino’s plays, he bases it on an important lesson, like the oregon trail or in this case, the formative five.  Empathy, grit, self control, integrity, and embracing diversity are very important skills in life, as shown in the play. “‘I think the formative five is a good rule because it is not a rule that says will and won’t.  It is something the students can relate to”, Mr.Uchino says on the formative five.


Overall, the 3rd grade play was an amazing production that taught a valuable lesson.  We all will look forward to the next third grade play next year.


Written by: TylerW

Edited by: EricaS