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Drama Performace: Grade 4

Title: The Environmental Show

On November 3, 2016 the crew in 4th grade put on two amazing shows for the students, staff, and families of Momilani. The kids did an awesome job. Mr. Aurio and Mrs. Kanoho are very proud of their hard work and achievement.


They would like to thank: Mr. Daniel Nieva, parents, family members, Eddie Antonio, Frank Pineda, Mrs. Higa, Mr. Arakawa and the Hui O Momilani for supporting the arts in the classroom.



It's the night before the rock band's last-chance gig -- and their old tour bus has broken down. As they set up a sloppy camp, enchanted creatures emerge from the woods: plastic bottles, banana skins, light bulbs, and even a rusted SUV come to life, and they can sing! They've got some great advice for the rockers on how to change their behavior, save the band, and help the environment.


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