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Drama Performace: Grade K

Title: Earthworms Make America Great


On April 2nd, the Kindergarten classes performed their first drama, “Earthworms Make America Great,” not once, but twice! This was no small feat for these youngsters who worked very hard on memorizing so many songs and motions.


“Earthworms Make America Great,” combined eight great songs with a bit of fun, fact-filled storytelling in this celebration of earthworms.  In addition to details about the importance of our wriggling friends (aeration, soil nutrients, composting), the audience got to meet The Little Earthworm That Could, an eight-foot Australian worm, and earthworms who "love to dance."  Our little kindergarteners did an awesome job singing, dancing and educating their audience on facts about earthworms.  Family, friends and teachers were impressed and so proud of them.


Yeah, Kindergarten!! The Kindergarten Students and Teachers would like to thank: Mrs. Higa, Mr. Arakawa, the PTSO, Mr. Nishihara, Mr. Daniel (Nieva), Mr. Uchino, Ms. Rona, Mr. Antonio, Mr. Pineda, and all the supportive parents, families and friends! A very special ‘mahalo nui loa’ goes to Mr. Nabong for fixing the risers to make it sturdy and safe for all our school to use.


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