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Grandparent's Day: Grade 5

Written by: NicoleT

Edited by: JolieM


On January 31st of 2018, 5th grade had their final grandparents day! The fifth graders worked very hard to present their dances and song. They couldn’t wait for the day they got to perform with all of their effort!



“It was a great opportunity to better know our grandparents.” - Avery Higuchi


First off, they had lunch with their grandparents just so that they could talk, and spend some together. There was a setup camera, a background, and props to make the event a little more interesting. There was also a preparation crew with adults to prepare all the decorations. Their grandparents could then bring home the printed photo in a cute picture frame. The tables had a green tablecloth and pineapple decorations. Placed on the bright and beautiful tables were different stickers that could be used to decorate our beautiful and precious pictures.



After the greeting and lunch, it was time for the performance! The boys went first and danced a hawaiian hula song called “Ulupalakua”. It’s a paniolo (cowboy) song about Maui. The girls, on the other hand, did a tahitian dance called, “TE VAKA--PATE PATE”. Last but not least, all together we sung “I Believe” to show how much we love and appreciate our grandparents. We hope that our grandparents enjoyed everything we did because they do so much for all of us.


It is a good way to say thank you to our grandparents for all they do.” - Bailee Joven


Finally, it was time to say goodbye. All the children gave thanks for all they do. Everyone then headed back to the classroom and said their last and final goodbyes! All grandparents provide their grandchildren with love, have their best interests at heart, and can make them feel safe and secure. We love and appreciate them with all our hearts!