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Momilani Wellness

Momilani Wellness LogoWellness at Momilani translates into three key areas: Physical Education, Nutrition, and Character Education. There have been many changes over the past few years at our school to try and address these areas. We are excited about the many new aspects of the Momilani culture.



Physical Education

We work to instill the lifelong values and habits of active an lifestyles for our students. To help with this we have been working with K-6 teachers using the SPARK curriculum to work towards meeting the content standards in physical education. We also use the Fitnessgram program to help assess the students fitness levels. Students are introduced to the five events in K-2 and are tested in grades 2-6 on a quarterly basis. The tests focus more on fitness and less on skills. Through proper form and pacing, students will work on areas such as strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students receive a Fitnessgram report after each testing session that they can show their family.


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Momilani is also very fortunate to have support in the community and from other agencies. We are working to implement quarterly Wellness Days in the upcoming year. Another programs that are being used at Momilani include Speed Stacking. Speed Stacking benefits students in many ways including; hand-eye coordination, improved concentration and focus, as well as increasing self-confidence.


As part of our wellness program, we also try to promote participation in many community activities such as the Great Aloha Run, the Ford Island Bridge Run, and the Honolulu 5k for Kids.


Health and Nutrition

Wellness 3The Momilani Nutrition Guidelines continue to be a foundation for health and nutrition for our school. In the past students have submitted snack suggestions that meet our wellness guidelines. We in turn provided a listing of a wider range of alternative snacking options for our families. With the help and support of PTSO and The Momilani Foundation, school sponsored events and fundraising have been working to meet the wellness guidelines when providing food and snacks. The snack list and the guidelines help Momilani be more conscious about the type of nutrition we provide for our students. We care about our students well being.


Hui O Momilani and the various committees have been working very hard to make sure that the snacks and food served at events meet the wellness guidelines. It really is a team effort when it comes to changing eating habits.


Momilani Messenger August Edition Momilani Wellness Guidelines

Momilani Messenger September Edition Momilani Wellness Snack List


Character Education

Building Hearts and Minds to Live with Purpose


Character EducationEach school year, great opportunities are presented, great relationships are built, great challenges are overcome, great lessons are learned, great realizations made, great accomplishments are achieved, and most importantly…great hearts and minds are developed to live with purpose.

 “Heartitude,” a unique school-wide character education program was developed in 2005 to bring out the best “hearts” of all Momilani students.  The original name has changed and program tweaks have been made but most importantly, purposeful lessons have been maintained to transform each child’s way of living…building their hearts and minds that would enhance skills necessary towards the development of meaningful relationships with others.