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Hui O Momilani - About Us...

What is Hui O Momilani?

Hui O Momilani is Momilani Elementary School's organization for parents, teachers and students.


How does Hui O Momilani support our school?

Hui O Momilani provides teachers and specialists with grants for programs/activities such as:

  • The drama program, which has been expanded to all grades
  • Open House Refreshments
  • Family Fun Night
  • The Costume Ball
  • Craft Night
  • Celebrate Reading Night
  • Snow Day
  • Celebrating the Arts
  • Sports Clinics
  • Momilani Library Endowment
  • Faculty/Staff Hospitality (beginning- and end-of-school lunches), and appreciation gifts.
  • Educational Subscriptions (Time For Kids, National Geographic Explorer, Kid Biz, etc.)
  • We finance these activities through dues, our annual magazine fundraiser (for more information, see the back of this flier) and your generous donations.

Board of Directors

General Notes:

  • The fundraising committee also needs volunteers to help process orders and distribute prizes.
  • The work is generally done between 8 and 10 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • If you would like to lend a hand on one or more days, please e-mail: