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Hui O Momilani - Charity Walk

Written by: TylerW

Edited by: CateT


Did you hear about the 39th Annual Visitor Industry Charity Walk that families at Momilani did last year?  It raised $15,000 for the Hui, Momilani School’s PTSO!  Here’s the math.  We had about 40 families participate in the 5.2 mile walk through Waikiki.  Our walkers raised $4662.00 and the rest of the money was awarded to us as a grant thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Kahala Ninomiya.  The grant request was specifically written to help fund our wonderful drama program with the requirement that we have to spend it within one year.




After much consultation, we decided to spend this money on a new LED lighting system for the drama stage.  We replaced our outdated system with a modern system.  The 6th grade was the first class to perform with these lights and the flashing, blinking lights made it astounding.  There are regular, high power spotlights that can be a variety of colors and UV lights, which basically makes white things glow.



The 2018 Visitor Industry Charity Walk takes place on Saturday, May 19.  It is a fun activity that encourages physical activity and has the potential to raise a lot of money for our school.  Please participate in this year’s Charity Walk.  More information at  Keep watch for more information on our website.  Special thanks once again to Mrs. Ninomiya, Mr. Nishihara, Steadfast AV, Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association, and all of our generous Momilani families.