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Hui O Momilani - Costume Ball

Written by: KalenaN

Edited by: ReignH


Aloha, everyone that came and thank you for going to Momilani costume ball to have a scaredy time. We are thanking everyone that came to the scariest, coolest and most boo-tiful ball ever! It was on October 27, 2017 on a Friday at the cafeteria. All families that came to the have a halloween ball and had a great time! Just think what you could have done there! We had a costume parade, a haunted house, games, and dinner, and everyone's favorite: The Flash Mob.


“The difference from this year and last year is there are different games and the haunted house was way scarier.” said Aunty Keli.

This year’s song for the flash mob was “Better When I’m Dancing.” Thanks to, aunty Ann, aunty Keli, and aunty Stacie for figuring out the dance moves for the song. Our aunties worked hard for the flash mob. Parents could've join in but watch how your kids do it first to learn the moves!

We had a cool costume parade! Everyone who looked like a monster, witch, and video game/movie character or anything else could of march to show everyone what your costume looks like. The costume parade was for all the kids there. Everyone lined up in their costumes and walk around the cafeteria. The costume parade is to judge kids for their costumes. The winner would receive a receipt.

The school was selling dinner if you missed it.  The food for the costume ball was stupendous! The food they had was bento. But you have to remember to pay! I liked the bento. In the bento there was like rice, chicken, noodles and barbecue meat. Also there were Ice cream. We are thankful that the Tsuru family brang a lot of ice cream. We all loved it .It was a good snack because it was cool in our hot costumes.

Behind the curtain was the HAUNTED HOUSE. Beware kids if you entered and you dared to be scared! If you were incredibly scared, then you could of exit through the curtain. It was like a mini maze but with creepy stuff in it. Did you have a great time in there?


“It is a very good experience to be with your friends sometimes, and just having fun.” said AllisonT


If you came to Costume Ball then we thank you for coming. If you didn’t come then we hope you can make it next year.