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Hui O Momilani - Craft Night

Written by: AveryH

Edited by: NicoleT


Aloha Momilani students and teachers! Did you have a blast at Craft Night?  I hope so! Hui O Members worked hard to put on an amazing night of fun and creativity. Here are some exciting reviews from this awesome event where you could make your own crafts and gadgets.


“It was fun to make crafts and play with it. I am excited for next year’s craft night!”

ReeseH exclaimed.

At this event, kids from all ages made simple, yet handy crafts! These items were useful to satisfy stress, provide a nightlight, or just have fun! All these fun projects were led by helpful teachers who patiently helped these kids to successfully make their crafts. These awesome activities included:

  • Light up lightsabers
  • Orbeez stress balls
  • Pineapple night lights
  • Unicorn resin charms
  • Origami bunny baskets
  • Spinning tops
  • Shrinky dink magnets

Students attending Craft Night had an amazing time making and playing with their crafts.  They enjoyed piecing together their own, unique handicraft that was special in its own way. Like the spinning tops for example. You could decorate it with markers, customizing it to your taste of style.  


“In my opinion,  I think Craft Night is great because they get to show what they enjoy most. I loved craft night!” MarinaV described enthusiastically.

The crafts at this spectacular event were just a few of the many easy, and awesome, projects you can do with your parents or by yourself.  If you want to build more crafts with your parents, go to this website using the link! Also, if you want to make easy, 10-minute crafts, go to this website using the link!


See you next year!

Cory Chigami

Craft Night Chair