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Hui O Momilani: Magazine Drive

And the top sellers in this year's Hui's Magazine Drive are...


Aloha Hui O Momilani parents and students,


The Fundraising Committee would thank you once again for your great support of our Hui Magazine Drive this year. Thanks to your efforts, we were able to raise more than $8,000 for Hui activities benefiting the students, parents and faculty. It really does take a village.


Now that the magazine drive sales have been tallied, we're excited to announce this year's top five individual sellers:

1. TylerW (Aurio) - 79 items - $100 gift card

2. EmmaK (Aurio) - 38 items - $75 gift card

3. BrennenS (Aurio) - 30 items - $50 gift card

4. KaenenM (Hirata) - 16 items - $50 gift card

5. KatelynS (Yoshimura) - 15 items - $20 gift card

5. RyderP (Uchino) - 15 items - $20 gift card

5. ChaysenM - 15 items - $20 gift card


Each will receive a Pearlridge Center gift card. Also, with three students selling 15 items, we had a tie for fifth place. For their effort, each student will receive a $20 gift card. Gift cards will be distributed to the classrooms on Wednesday, Nov. 22.


But wait...there more! Through their combined efforts, the Fourth Grade classes of Mr. Aurio and Mrs. Kanoho sold the most items this year of all the grade levels. To congratulate them, the Fourth Grade class will also receive a special treat on Wednesday for a great team effort.


And finally, prizes for those students who earned additional rewards for their sales effort will receive those special items in their classrooms on Wednesday morning as well. Congratulations to all of the students for a job well done and big mahalo to all families for your support of Momilani Elementary School. Your commitment is greatly appreciated! Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email


Happy Thanksgiving!

Aloha, Nathan Kam and Wendy Kurosawa

Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs Hui O Momilani