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Kids aged between 5 and 17 years need at least 60 minutes a day of moderate and vigorous activity.

SCC: Spring Olympics for Education

Written by: SkyeS

Edited by: SydneyS


Representing the Annual Spring Olympics! On March 9, 2018, grades kindergarten through sixth grade headed outside for three hours to explore a large number of outdoor activities. They bonded with older and younger buddies. And had great time. Students learned the responsibilities of taking care of each other and worked together to solve problems. Also, the younger kids learned to follow directions given from the volunteer adults. Altogether, we did and learned a lot during Spring Olympics.


A yellow envelope went home before the start of Spring Olympics. In this envelope, you could have put money to help get the supplies needed for the Spring Olympics. All donations of money helped get the Spring Olympics games together. A big thank you to those who supplied money and donations.


             “It was a great time to play with younger kids and learn responsibility.” AveryH

Each upper grade level was assigned to a younger kid to watch over during Spring Olympics. This helped the older kids prepare themselves for having a future reading buddy in sixth grade. This also helped them learn the responsibilities of an adult and teachers. Both the older and younger kids had a fun time bonding and getting to know each other.


              “It was a fun bonding experience. I also enjoyed the outdoor activities.” HaileeG

There were several activities for kids to experience and explore. The six activities were:

  • Relay Race

  • Parachute

  • Giants, Wizards, and Elves

  • The House of Trash

  • Stacking Cups

  • Jump Rope

All games were exciting and enjoyable. What made them interesting was you had to go under pressure and beat the opposing team.


Momilani really stresses the importance of exercise and eating healthy. Spring Olympics really supports the fact that exercise is important for our everyday lives. At this school, we get your bodies working at after school activities, recess,and Spring Olympics. Another activity would be P.E.

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