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Only Greece and Australia have participated in every modern Olympics games since 1896.


A big theme here at school is ‘WE over ME.’ Our kids have made pictures and essays with this theme in mind, some of which are: teamwork, making sacrifices for a greater good, and how “many hands make light work.” Partnering with our school not only helps fund many necessary supplies, repairs, and events, but also helps our keiki reach educational milestones and become better community members. For this school year, we are in need of volunteers for an array of positions.


PLEASE consider volunteering and partnering with your child’s school. A large part of the success of Momilani Elementary is due to the tremendous efforts of our wonderful volunteers.

Here are the areas where volunteers are needed:

Hui O’Momilani (PTSO):

  • Family Fun Night, Costume Ball, Craft Night, Celebrate Reading Night, Snow Day, Magazine Drive…
  • For more information, contact Tracie Romualdo at:

Momilani Elementary School Foundation:

  • The Foundation raises money to help improve the children’s learning environment (A/Cs, playground improvements, laptops, etc), primary fundraiser is the annual Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream fundraiser in November.
  • For more information, contact

Library and Supervising Volunteers:

  • For more information contact front office at 307-5800

Grandparents Day:

  • Here at Momilani, we have a tradition of honoring Grandparents once a month.  Every grade level picks one day out of the school year to have lunch and perform for the Grandparents.
  • Volunteers needed to help with setup in the morning after the 1st bell on days of Grandparents' Days (only about 15 minutes).
  • Also, we are looking for people interested in helping to make decorations/crafts/favors for the Grandparent's Day Luncheons.
  • For more information please email Ann Wee at:

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